About Me 

I am Laura, I help people  spark a Creative Change to help them heal and live authentically.

Here's my story of how I became an: 



A funny thing happened on the way to my life® 

If you’re anything like me, when you were young you had some idea of who you where, what your family was like and maybe even a direction your life was headed. 

Well, as I traveled the path of my life, let's say there were a few plot twists… Plot twists that would have broken others, chewed them up and spat them out...

Over the course of my many plot twists, the spiritual 'sage' side of me taught me everything has been good because they have all been lessons. Whether it was a health or business challenge, family surprises (you know how those go, am I right?), financial success, or even a house fire, for me the funny things that have happened on the way to my life were opportunities to learn and grow: 

-What heals the most is Perspective!  


Art is one of my Happy Places...

Have you ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none"? Not very flattering is it? I really respect someone who finds that one thing they love and excel at, following their passion, but that’s not me, I suspect it's not you either. And here's why I’m happy about it ... 

I am multi-passionate & proud of it.  My passions are varied… A few years ago I went through a Creative Change  and began creating my own greeting cards, photography and pottery. But I’m also a business owner, CFO and master money juggler at million dollar business. I have written and illustrated a children’s book... Oh, I love to travel, and I am even licensed to fly the damn plane! I love animals, especially my two labs and black cat. I built and owned a horse stable and showed horses. Owned a bread store. Worked in real estate and the mortgage business. I’ve been lucky with the lottery, lost my house in a fire and I can whip up an essential oil blend for almost anything that ails you. Over the years I’ve worn enough hats to fill up a hallway hat tree... but everything I've done has been to help ME find MY Happy Place.

Today as an  Artist - Healer - Sage it's about helping YOU and my clients find their Happy Places.  


Your Creative Change Ignited


Having done such a variety of things I can find a common connection with almost anyone. All of this has made me passionate about supporting and encouraging others to be successful in their own individuality.  That requires what I call the Queen Code -good personal policies, so I help you create these first.

Then I help you identify your happy places to get you excited about life again and this ignites your 'Creative Change!'  Whether you’re the type that focuses on one thing or you are multi-passionate like me, I’m with you. I’m a creator, whether it’s creating art, a business, or creating solutions. I’m proud to say I’m a jack of all trades...Master of SOME. My personal health journey taught me to use natural options to heal and support my body. I trained as a healer. After the house fire that raised my house to the ground my intuition and spiritual connection grew stronger, as I sought a deeper meaning to life after this tragedy. 

Today I use universal energy to creatively work with women just like you, who are spiritually curious to gently guide them to stand in the power of their personal policies, find what makes them happy and spark their own Creative Change for a life that becomes their happy place.



Multi-Passionate Means Multi-Talented

    I aid your inner healing naturally with sage advice, essential oils, crystals, meditation, Vitali-Chi, and LightWeb® for a holistic approach.
    I listen both with my ears and intuition and offer sage advice to help you develop personal policies that will support you and your life.
    Get ready to have your Creative Change awakened... I will help you find, tune in, and tap into your inner spark so you have more fun, joy, and finally find your happy places too.



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Meike Haisenko

I highly recommend working with Laura. While working with her through my blocks I felt totally safe and able to share my struggles without being judged. She helped me deleting old beliefs and energetic patterns that were keeping me from being my true self and enabled me to step up in my visibility, sharing my message and speaking my truth without the fear of being judged. Thank you Laura for your fantastic work ❤ 

Fiona Morris

I found that the session was beneficial. I immediately felt in a safe space, calm, at ease and relaxed with Laura. She has a grounded and open energy. Laura helped me clarify the areas I wanted to work on and gave me many suggestions to work with after the healing session. I would certainly recommend her work.

Joanna Hunter

Laura is a gifted healer and brings a wonderful new perspective. Her calm personality and humour make sessions with Laura fun and reassuring. I would happily recommend her work and I know you will not be disappointed.