A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Life

Self Guided Healing...

Now available!!! Want to explore my healing frame work of:

Question - Investigate - Heal - Grow

The Winds Of Change Journal and the Light Up Your Life Journal will guide you to discovering answers held deep with in. Or my Wish journal has quotes and pages for you to free journal your deepest wishes. - Available on Amazon 


Spiritual Concierge  


Spiritual Concierge  

Have you ever wished you had a spiritual "friend" that you could ask anything too, they would know all the best places to buy crystals, spiritual tools, they could even hook you up with the best spiritual teachers with out hours of searching Google...

Well now you can, grab you favourite herbal tea and lets have a 45min session where you can pick my brain and get all the inside tips for your spiritual journey!   

45min Session- $97

 (if you order statement crystals we credit the $97)


Praise for Laura...

Meike Haisenko

"I highly recommend working with Laura. While working with her through my blocks I felt totally safe and able to share my struggles without being judged. She helped me deleting old beliefs and energetic patterns that were keeping me from being my true self and enabled me to step up in my visibility, sharing my message and speaking my truth without the fear of being judged. Thank you Laura for your fantastic work."

Fiona Morris

I found that the session was beneficial. I immediately felt in a safe space, calm, at ease and relaxed with Laura. She has a grounded and open energy. Laura helped me clarify the areas I wanted to work on and gave me many suggestions to work with after the healing session. I would certainly recommend her work.

Joanna Hunter

Laura is a gifted healer and brings a wonderful new perspective. Her calm personality and humour make sessions with Laura fun and reassuring. I would happily recommend her work and I know you will not be disappointed.