A transformative experience that helps you 

rewrite your stories and reclaim your power.

Reign with Confidence:

Introducing the Queen Code Program!

Once upon a time in the mystical realm of self-discovery, there existed a wondrous program known as the Queen Code. This enchanting 6-week journey was crafted by a wise and compassionate Priestess, whose heart was filled with a deep desire to empower and uplift all who sought its magic.

In the end, each woman stepped into their power, reclaiming their destiny with a newfound sense of confidence and freedom. They had discovered the Queen within, and they would forever wear their crown with pride.

In this mystical program, women embarked on a grand quest to embrace their inner royalty. They encountered the Archetypes of the Queendom, each holding a key to unlock the secrets of personal growth and empowerment. There was the Villager, longing for more but feeling stuck; the Knight, bravely guarding their heart; the Servant, selflessly putting others before themselves; the Princess, seeking her true power, and the Queen, who was destined to rule her Queendom with grace.

Guided by the wisdom of the Inner Sorceress, the women delved into the essence of their being, rewriting the stories that had once held them back. They discovered the magic of 'Personal Policies', empowering guidelines to navigate life's twists and turns with certainty and clarity.

Throughout their journey, they forged unbreakable bonds with fellow seekers in the Queen Code Facebook Group. Together, they lifted each other higher, cheering on every triumph and supporting one another in moments of challenge.

As the weeks passed, the realm of each participant began to transform. The Villager found newfound strength, the Knight's armor revealed vulnerability, the Servant discovered the importance of self-love, the Princess embraced her true worth, and the Queen ruled with compassion and wisdom.

In the end, each woman stepped into their power, reclaiming their destiny with a newfound sense of confidence and freedom. They had discovered the Queen within, and they would forever wear their crown with pride.

And so, the legend of the Queen Code program spread far and wide, inspiring women from all corners of the land to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Dear seeker, will you join this magical quest and embrace your own inner Queen?
Let the Queen Code program be your guide as you unlock the enchanting power that lies within you.


Hi, I'm Laura

Welcome to the Queen Code Program! 

Are you ready to unlock your inner queen and reign supreme in every aspect of your life?

Hi there, I'm Laura Muirhead, and I'm here to guide you on a transformational journey toward becoming the powerful, confident, and successful woman you were always meant to be.

Having experienced a rich tapestry of life's adventures, I've discovered a common thread that connects us all: the desire for success and fulfillment on our own terms. That's why I'm passionate about empowering women like you to embrace your unique individuality and thrive in every aspect of your life.

The Queen Code Program isn't just another self-help course – it's a revolutionary roadmap to personal empowerment and success. Together, we'll delve deep into the principles of the Queen Code, establishing good Personal Policies that serve as the foundation for your journey.

From there, we'll embark on a quest to discover your ideal Queendom – whether you're a focused specialist or a multi-passionate creator like myself, I'm here to support you every step of the way. As a master of many trades, I'll share my wealth of knowledge and experience, providing you with sage advice and practical tools to overcome obstacles and unleash your full potential.

But that's not all. As a LightWeb® Priestess, I harness the power of universal energy to help you tap into your inner strength and creativity, creating an inner Queendom that serves as your personal power base for crafting the fairy tale life of your dreams.

Are you ready to rewrite your story and step into

your power as a Queen?

Join me in the Queen Code Program and embark on a journey of

self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. 

Your throne awaits – claim it today!

Take back the keys to the Queendom

to unlock your personal power!

🔹 Navigate life with greater ease

🔹 Create certainty

🔹 Reclaim your power 

🔹 Set boundaries & standards

🔹 Step into your Queendom

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

  • 6 week intensive program
  • Weekly guided Queen Code Workbooks
  • 6 x 1:1 personal calls
  • Life Time access to course
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Queen Code Oracle Deck


  • 1:1 Priestess Healing Session
  • Guided Higher Self Meditation
  • Voxer access

Discover the Value of the Queen Code!

The Queen Code Program is invaluable for its unique approach to self-discovery and empowerment.

By exploring the narratives that shape our lives and uncovering the Archetypes of the Queendom that guide our journey, you will gain profound insights and clarity.

This program isn't just about surface-level fixes; it's a transformative experience that helps you rewrite your stories and reclaim your power

With personalized guidance, thought-provoking exercises, and a supportive community, the Queen Code Program equips you with the tools you need to navigate life with greater ease, create certainty, and step into your Queendom with confidence and purpose.




Queen Code VIP



  • 6 week intensive program
  • 6  Personal 1:1 calls
  • Weekly guided Queen Code Workbooks
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Queen Code Oracle Card Deck
  • Lifetime access


  • Higher Self Meditation
  • 1:1 Priestess Healing Session
  • Voxer Access
Queen Code Course



  • Work at your pace
  • 2 Personal 1:1 calls
  • Weekly guided Queen Code Workbooks
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access
  • Immediate start


  • Higher Self Meditation
  • 6 Week email support

It's time to straighten your crown Queen!

Take back the keys to the Queendom to unlock your personal power.


Meike H. 

"Fantastic work"

I highly recommend working with Laura. While working with her through my blocks I felt totally safe and able to share my struggles without being judged. She helped me deleting old beliefs and energetic patterns that were keeping me from being my true self and enabled me to step up in my visibility, sharing my message and speaking my truth without the fear of being judged. Thank you Laura for your fantastic work.

Dawn C.

"A great healer"

My session with Laura was highly beneficial. She is very intuitive, supportive, and she clearly cares about being a great healer. I feel much lighter, more relaxed, and have peace of mind that I'm on the right track. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you for a wonderful session, Laura!

Joanna Hunter

"Fun and reassuring"

Laura is a gifted healer and brings a wonderful new perspective. Her calm personality and humour make sessions with Laura fun and reassuring. I would happily recommend her work and I know you will not be disappointed. 

A Note From Laura...

I wear many hats: a serial entrepreneur, artist, healer, sage, and bestselling author. Often described as a jack of all trades, I pride myself on mastering many. My journey has taken me through finance, real estate, and even owning a bread store to building a horse stable from scratch. Today, I'm the proud co-owner and CFO of our multimillion-dollar family business, manage my pottery/art studio, and oversee two other ventures. Life has thrown its challenges my way, including winning a lottery and rebounding from our house fire.

But through it all, two strengths have stood out: managing money and setting boundaries. This inspired me to create the Queen Code program, designed to help you challenge and change the stories that may be holding you back, whether in your career, business or personal life.

When you're ready to begin your journey with your own Queen Code & personal policies, I'm here to guide you.

Let's take this transformational journey together!