STudio 161 

Welcome to Studio 161, my studio and Creative Change center in Pentwater, Michigan. 

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We are introducing a bunch of fun Art workshops



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At Studio 161- we offer private 1:1 Spiritual Healing session for body, mind and soul 

  • Creative Workshop 

  • Spiritual Workshop

  • Healing Sessions


Healing Sessions 

I am trained in a variety of spiritual healing practices, from essential oils to LightWeb® healing modals to the Vitali-Chi wellness system, all to help you restore well-being to your mind body and soul.

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Healing Session at Studio 161...


Vitali Chi Healing...

Vitali-Chi (pronounced Vie-Tally-Chee) is a non invasive energy & wellbeing system, that helps to bring your body, mind and soul into alignment by increasing the Bio-photonic energy in your cells.

Vitali-Chi is an extraordinary technology combining sacred sound frequencies and a copper circuit with a small current passed through. This  produces "frequencies" that stimulate your own cells into communicating better with each other and increases the bio-photonic energy of those cells by as much a 50% after just a single session. Deeply relaxing with effects that an last long after the session is finished.

Single session $85 or block of 4 sessions $320 


LightWeb Healing...

I have trained as Priestess of the LightWeb® and am currently the only qualified Priestess of the LightWeb, a Soul based technology, in the US. As a qualified teacher of the LightWeb® and the 333Magic® framework for higher consciousness living, I can use the 3 LightWeb healing modals and the spoken word to guide you into deeper states of healing for your life allowing you to clear the blocks that hold you back. 

Single session $133 or $488 for a set of 4 session 


What's On - Creative & Spritual Workshops...



Thursday, 9/30 - Enlightening Soul Workshop -Lori McCully will guide us in bringing more positivity to our lives using the Law of Attraction.



Thursday,  10/21  - Halloween Magic Workshop with Joanna Hunter. 



Happy Thanksgiving!



Tuesday, 12/7 - Navigate the Holidays Workshop  Discover tips and techniques from Carol Lee to navigate the highs and lows during this season of indulgence, excess and stress. Set your Compass for a Nourishing and Balanced Holiday season!


The Reading Nook 

At Studio 161 we have a wonderful reading nook filled with 

art books to browse and enjoy. 


Praise for Laura...

Valerie Ross

"Laura immediately picked up on my energy and the healing she decided on for me was definitely beneficial, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura to others.

The Soul Garment Healing Laura gave me was amazing and I instantly felt lighter and free!! This healing was new to me and I was really impressed by the positive change in my energy and mindset."

LightWeb® Healing session

Victoria Dutton

"The experience was fantastic to get to the source of the problem, learning how to clear it and feeling much lighter after the LightWeb healing. Laura listened to my concerns, and gave great guidance on how to clear it"

LightWeb® Healing session

Fiona Morris

I really appreciated Laura's grounded energy, taking the time to explore and get to the root cause of my block which felt helpful.  I certainly felt a shift and release after working together, and continuing to feel hopeful, inspired since. Had several enquiries to work with me this week more locally too which definitely feels different.

LightWeb® Healing session

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