I'm Laura Muirhead...

As a healer, artist and sage, I help women deeply heal their life and money blocks. I weave a rich tapestry of spiritual tools, that have seen me create over 1.2 million dollars in 'magic money.'
I can help you tap into your abundance too! 

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You desire to heal your money & quite frankly you are over not having enough!

  • Queen, you're done living like a pauper! You're ready to create more wealth for your Queendom! 
  • You know you need to get out of this rut you have found yourself in, and honestly, your soul is calling for more!
  • You have been going solo for so long that you have forgotten how magical it can be to have a guide...

You need a Money Queen, you need an....


Let's activate your Money Magnet

Brand New Course!


The Queen Code course helps women: 

Navigate life with greater ease / Create certainty / Reclaim your power / Set boundaries & standards / Step into your wealthy Queendom

If you find yourself saying, this is just how life is, and thinking, nothing can change…Believe me when I tell you things can change! The Queen Code is about looking at the stories you may be telling yourself that keep you stuck and in lack!




This oracle deck will help you to embody and become the Queen of your Queendom!

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Healing & Coaching

There are times in life when you just need healing and coaching support

Tarot  & Healings

Book a single tarot session or a healing 1:1 session with me as your guide



Enjoy one of my meditations and give yourself the luxury of me time!


I found that the session was beneficial. I immediately felt in a safe space, calm, at ease and relaxed with Laura. She has a grounded and open energy. Laura helped me clarify the areas I wanted to work on and gave me many suggestions to work with after the healing session. I would certainly recommend her work.

Fiona Morris 

I highly recommend working with Laura. While working with her through my blocks I felt totally safe and able to share my struggles without being judged. She helped me deleting old beliefs and energetic patterns that were keeping me from being my true self and enabled me to step up in my visibility, sharing my message and speaking my truth without the fear of being judged. Thank you Laura for your fantastic work.

Meike Haisenko

Laura is a gifted healer and brings a wonderful new perspective. Her calm personality and humour make sessions with Laura fun and reassuring. I would happily recommend her work and I know you will not be disappointed. 

Joanna Hunter 

A Problem Journaled is a Problem Solved.

Take a journey with me!

Winds of Change Journal 

Change can be challenging. Sometimes in life, change requires massive courage. What happens when you know something needs to change but you are unclear on what? This journal helps you investigate where in your life you need the Winds of Change. 

Light Up Your Life Journal 

What brings you joy? What's your passion? The journey of this journal is to lead you to what really inspires joy for you. We will uncover the things that you can let go of so that you discover what really lights you up. This journal helps illuminate the areas where you need to Light Up Your Life.

Wish Journal 

What do you wish for? Let this journal be a judgement free place where your thoughts can freestyle, and allow your wishes to help you on your path. Use this this journal every day, or every week to get clear about what you Wish.

Let's connect...

Join my mailing list and get my Spiritual Glossary
for free as a thank you!