About Me 

Hi I am Laura, I help women to activate into their
 Queen Code to help them heal their money blocks & live incredible lives

Here's why you need an... 



The Artist- The Healer- The Sage

What if your life became your greatest work of ART? What would it be like to wake each morning to a life you're excited to live?

What if you HEALED so completely that you entered the universe's flow with effortless ease? That you gained the tools to set healthy boundaries & manifest your desires.

What if you could have access to SAGE advice? and tap into my years of spiritual alignment and Magic Money know-how to help you unfold a 'Queen Code' that becomes a golden pathway to success and abundance.

-This is why you need an 
Artist- Healer-Sage like me

It's time to adjust

your Crown Queen

If you are on this page you most like have heard at least once in your life,
“Jack of all trades, master of none" 
Not very flattering is it? 

But the full quote might surprise you, it is : 
"A jack of all trades is a master of none,
but oftentimes better than a master of one"

Like most multi-passionate, multi talented people you have probably been shamed or belittled for your talents for years... It's time to reclaim your Queendom! 
The peasants have been running the show for too long and a Queen like you is here to do great things, that needs a solid Queen Code.  

 For years I was just like you, I have owned and operated multiple businesses, tried my hand at tons of different jobs, I am multi-talented and multi-passionate, I have a pilots license, I have had a bakery, I have owned a horse stable, have showed horses and had a real estate license, the list goes on...  

People would often criticize me for all the things I tried, and I let them....

Right up until I developed a Queen Code! 

Today, life looks really different. I am still multi-passionate but the peasant style thoughts that once ran my Queendom are long gone...I have created the fairytale of my dreams, my life is art! I am a best selling author, CFO for our family's multi- million dollar business, I have an art studio, I coach and help others and even wear my priestess hat when I am healing.

So what changed? In a word; I did! Today I am a Queen Money Magnet sat firmly on the throne of my life, as opposed to over giving and people pleasing as I once did. Today I LIVE my life on my terms as an  Artist - Healer -Sage  and I help my clients find their Happy Ever Afters too!   

Let's straighten your Crown!

Having done such a variety of things I can find a common connection with almost anyone. All of this has made me passionate about supporting and encouraging women to be successful in their own Individuality.  That requires what I call the Queen Code  good personal policies, so I help you create these first.

Then I help you identify your ideal Queendom. Whether you’re the type that focuses on one thing or you are multi-passionate like me, I’m with you. I’m a creator, whether it’s creating art, a business, or creating solutions. I’m proud to say I’m a jack of all trades...Master of MANY. My personal experiences have become the SAGE advice that I can give you with heaps of tools to help you HEAL your money & life blocks.   

I use universal energy to creatively work with women just like you, who are spiritually curious, to create a inner Queendom that is your personal POWER base for A Fairytale Life of your own design! 


Multi-Passionate Means Multi-Talented

    I aid your inner healing naturally with sage advice, Tarot, Coaching and LightWeb® for a holistic approach.
    I listen both with my ears and intuition and offer sage advice to help you develop personal policies that will support you and your life.
    Get ready to awaken your Queen Code... I will help you find, tune in, and tap into your inner Queen so you can create the life of your dreams!



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I really enjoyed my session with Laura. I appreciated her letting me talk and explore my thoughts and feelings around responsibility, worth, and money. She had a lot of intuitive hits that were spot on which helped me to see what I was trying to say more clearly.

Ashley R.

Laura immediately picked up on my energy and the healing she decided on for me was definitely beneficial, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura to others.

The Soul Garment Healing Laura gave me was amazing and I instantly felt lighter and free!! This healing was new to me and I was really impressed by the positive change in my energy and mindset.

Valerie R.

My session with Laura was highly beneficial. She is very intuitive, supportive, and she clearly cares about being a great healer. I feel much lighter, more relaxed, and have peace of mind that I'm on the right track. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you for a wonderful session, Laura!

Dawn C.