Healing Sessions 

The distance between where you are now and where you want to be

 in life can be a  Healing Session- with me 

Let me guide you to a higher consciousness and a

deep inner healing to spring board your next level life! 

You know there is something blocking you, if only you could just get to it.... 

    You may be aware of your blocks and you just need someone to guide you through so you can heal
  • You have been out of sync for a while and you know you need support to heal at a deep level 
    You are so over playing small you know there is another level in you and you want to  Heal 

That is where I come in 


Let's ignite the Creative Change in You

LightWeb® Priestess Healing Sessions

1:1 Single Session 

I am trained in a variety of healing modals with LightWeb® and Akashic Records Healing.

  • 1x 60min 1:1 Session
  • Spoken word energy healing

Investment $222

One Month Healing 

Me in your pocket for one month to help you
heal at a deep level, body, mind and soul.

  • 4 x 60min 1:1 Sessions
  • Email Access
  • BONUS: Wish Journal 

Investment $777

Three Months Healing

3 Months of support to help you clear the distortions that hold you back.

  • 9 x 60min 1:1 Sessions
  • Voxer Access
  • BONUS: Wish Journal 

Investment $1,888

Healing session feedback

I really enjoyed my session with Laura. I appreciated her letting me talk and explore my thoughts and feelings around responsibility, worth and money. She had a lot of intuitive hits that were spot on which helped me to see what I was trying to say more clearly. Laura was very present yet seemed to have notes (or a great memory) of all the things we talked about. I felt listened to and respected. Laura's voice was very grounding and calming during the energetic clearing. I feel much lighter after our session - like a big weight has been taken off my chest. I feel the light expanding within my being and outward. I look forward to the positive ripple effects!

Ashley R.

My session with Laura was highly beneficial. She is very intuitive, supportive, and she clearly cares about being a great healer. I feel much lighter, more relaxed, and have peace of mind that I'm on the right track. I also loved that Laura pulled an oracle card for me to begin the session. It was very affirming and helped to create a beautiful flow into what we talked about and did healing on. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you for a wonderful session, Laura!

Dawn C.

Personal Tarot Reading

  • Be intuitively guided in a personal 1:1 tarot reading
  • We will meet live online through Zoom video or in person at Studio 161 if you are local
  • 60 minute session

Once you purchase you will be directed to my online calendar to schedule your reading.


Self Guided Healing...

Now available!!! 

Want to explore my healing framework of: 

Question - Investigate - Heal - Grow

The Winds Of Change Journal and the Light Up Your Life Journal will guide you to discovering answers held deep within, or my Wish journal has quotes and pages for you to free-journal your deepest wishes. -  Get your copy on Amazon or at Studio 161.


"The session was very beneficial and interesting. I enjoyed the two parts of it - first unlocking my money issues and getting rid of them and second moving onto a new timeline towards everything I want. I felt very heard and I would definitely recommend Laura."

- Cathy B. 

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